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Legamaster whiteboard – the perfect partner for all agile teams

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Any whiteboard or glassboard can be transformed into a customised agile board. Using tools like boardmarkers, divider tape and magnets, allowing the presentation surface to be adapted and divided as required. Or for example the Magic-Chart Notes, rewritable, self-adhesive notes which can be used to move tasks from the To Do column to the In Progress, Done or On Hold columns. An ideal solution for visualising progress in projects.

Another tool is a set of Planning Poker Cards, a key feature of the scrum method.In order to plan as realistically as possible, a game of Poker is played.

The purpose of planning poker is to prevent discussion about whether a given activity takes 6 days or 6.1 days, or whether something costs 10 euros or 10.30 euros. With planning poker, you reduce absolute thinking and introduce ”relative” thinking by making a comparison. A given activity may or may not be greater than a previous activity you have already worked on.
A range of tools to enable efficient working, speedy alterations and the clear visualisation of information for your Agile team.

Agile planning

Agile & Scrum Toolbox

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