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Interaktiv multitouch storbildsskärm för skola, videokonferens och kontor.

Interaktiv bildskärm i storformat för skola, kontor, videokonferens och konferens. Via anslutning mellan Legamaster e-Screen Touch och dator ger systemet dig möjlighet att presentera, utbilda, och interagera på ett snabbt och smidigt sätt med hög bildkvalitet.


Legamaster E-screen Touch är en interaktiv bildskärm som kan manövreras enkelt med exempelvis finger eller penna och garanterar precision och snabb responstid.

Flera beröringspunkter gör att flera användare kan använda skärmarna samtidigt

Våra interaktiva pekskärmar med e-screen ger dig full kontroll över din presentation. Tack vare att våra e-skärmar är utrustade med exakt sensorteknologi med flera beröringspunkter, kan flera användare kan använda skärmarna samtidigt. Legamaster e-Screens kan manövreras med fingret eller pekpennan. Dessutom kommer Ultra HD-bildkvaliteten att säkerställa att dina presentationer verkligen wow din publik.

Bildskärm för videokonferens och fjärrmöten

Storbildsskärmen är den centrala komponenten för fjärrmöten och videokonferens. Legamaster interaktiv bildskärm har mycket ultra HD bildkvalitet och är byggda för långvarig driftssäkerhet och pålitlighet.

Komplettera gärna med extern videokonferensutrustning

Du kan ansluta mikrofoner, webbkamera och annan videokonferensutrustning via bluetooth, Wifi eller kabel.

Legamaster Interactive products

Interactive presentation starts with the products from Legamaster
Professional visualization equipment is vital for the development and presentation of new ideas, concepts and products. Want to make your presentations really impressive? Legamaster offers a wide range of interactive products to make your presentations even more dynamic. That’s because in order to convey knowledge, you need to be convincing.

With our interactive presentation products, the possibilities are endless
In a world where digitization is on the increase, our presentation products have had to

Legamaster products for e-Screen Interactive touch monitors

Our e-Screen interactive touch monitors put you in complete control of your presentation. That’s because our e-Screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to use the screens simultaneously. Legamaster e-Screens can be operated using your finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Ultra HD image quality will ensure that your presentations truly wow your audience.

The benefits of e-Screen interactive touch monitors

  • Available in various sizes
  • Fast-response touch system
  • Can be used by multiple users simultaneously
  • Plug and play
  • Comes complete with user-friendly software
  • No cooling fans means no noise and no maintenance
  • Low energy consumption

e-Screens for every application
The e-Screen series from Legamaster takes interactive presentation media to a new level, providing a durable solution for demanding environments such as schools, public institutions or in industry. Thanks to our complete range of e-screens combined with a suitable mounting system, you will always be able to find the right solution to suit your specific needs.

Want to find out more about our e-Screen interactive touch monitors?
Use the filter links to select the right features for your e-Screen interactive touch monitor. Want to find out more about our e-Screen interactive touch monitors or have a question? Please contact us.

Products for Accessories

Just like the wide range of computer accessories available, Legamaster has also developed useful accessories for its interactive solutions in order to make our interactive products even more user-friendly. These include a wireless mini keyboard with laser pointer, e-Cleaners and styluses for operating our interactive solutions. Our range of accessories also includes LiveWire software which enables you to use your eBeam or e-Board with any PC without having to install any software. Our eBeam Capture Pack is a set of useful accessories that can be used to create an eBeam Capture solution from your eBeam projected images. Insert your whiteboard marker in an electronic sleeve and then, when you write on a standard whiteboard or flipchart, for example, your work will be stored directly in digital format.

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