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Scrum planning

What is the Scrum method?

Scrum is part of Agile project management with a particular focus on flexibility and adjustability. Scrum originated as a project management method used by software teams. Nowadays, however, Scrum can be used for any project in any organisation by any organisational unit, be it Sales, Marketing or Finance!

Large, wide-ranging planning schedules at the beginning of a project are replaced by adjustable plans. An adjustable plan coupled with fast, efficient team communication supports your team. For projects, key elements include maximum flexibility, dynamism and daily meetings in which all team members align their areas of responsibility.

Daily stand-up meetings and sprint planning

The Daily stand-up meeting takes a maximum of 15 minutes and allows your team to align tasks and to set a plan for the next 24 hours.

Team members briefly address three questions as input to this planning:

What did I do yesterday that helped the development team meet the sprint goal?
What will I do today to help the development team meet the sprint goal?
Do I see any impediment that prevents me or the development team from meeting the sprint goal?
The ultimate goal is to reach the sprint objective that was set. The sprint objective is a concrete project result to be accomplished within a short timeframe, for example 2 weeks. This timeframe is called “the sprint”

Scrum board types

A Scrum board is the ideal project tool for Scrum teams, because it supports the team by visualising the entire process of your Scrum project, allowing you to make complex dependencies visible for all to see. What’s more, dynamic project steps for each team member can be visualised in real time.

How does a Scrum board look like?

There is no standard Scrum-board layout. Each board is different. Experiment with a range of layouts to find the board that best supports visualisation for your team. Use feedback from the team and adjust the layout if the one you’ve selected doesn’t work. Products that can support you in this include divider tape (for making columns) and dry-erasable markers (for writing headers).

Custom Printed Whiteboards

To make things really nice and easy, teams already working with a pre-designed Scrum board on a regular basis can also use a pre-printed Scrum board specially tailored to their needs.

Legamaster provides the means to create the perfect Scrum board for any situation and offers a full range of accessories to enable your team to get started right away.

Why not take a look at our Custom Printed Whiteboard Artwork Guidelines and contact us for more information? Alternatively, start designing right away!

Agile planning

Agile & Scrum Toolbox

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Magnetiska etiketthållare

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Lean Planning

Workshop case PRACTIC

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Lean Planning

Workshop Set

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Workshop Set

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Lean Planning

Workshop startkit

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Lean Planning

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