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Workshopskärmar är användbara medel när det kommer till att utföra workshops. Här finns workshopskärmar som passar alla ändamål.

Our products for Workshop boards

Conducting successful workshops, meetings and brainstorming sessions is an art in itself. Legamaster workshop boards are a useful tool for encouraging participants to get involved.

Workshop boards in a variety of designs
Our workshop boards come with a choice of two work surfaces: one with a felt covering and one with plain board. The lightweight Legamaster workshop boards are also available in various designs, including ones which are mobile, collapsible, folding, and come with a carry bag. What you get is a unique, space-saving solution that you can also carry around quite easily. To make things even easier for you, our workshop boards come with special workshop cases containing useful accessories for your workshop.

Want to find out more about our workshop boards?
Use the filter links to select the right features for your workshop board. Want to find out more about our workshop boards or have a question? Please contact us.


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