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Legamaster – Master in Visualisation

Vår huvudleverantör är Legamaster som är en av europas ledande tillverkare av whiteboard, presentationstavlor och tillbehör för presentation.

Legamaster is the visual communication division of edding AG, the leading manufacturer of high-quality marking and writing instruments. For more than 60 years Legamaster has been actively adapting its range to the latest communication technology trends and developments.

As a part of the internationally renowned edding group Legamaster practices and maintains the philosophy of its parent company.
The philosophy which ensures high quality on international stage backed by local distribution and customer support


All Legamaster products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. All products are guaranteed for a period
of 2 years from date of purchase in Europe. Furthermore The company gives specific guarantees on surfaces, indicated in the product
information with icons.


We acts according to the OHSAS
18001 standard, meeting the globally accepted
standard with requirements for
health and safety management system.


By balancing economic targets with
social and environmental targets Legamaster
earned the ISO 9001 certificate.
Product Development
Integration of environmental aspects in product development,
product performance and environmentally
friendly product features.

Waste Management

Procedures defined in handbook for economical and
environmentally responsible waste disposal system.


Transport by eco-combi trucks where possible and
meets Euro 5 standard. Product scanning system
reduces forklift operations. Non heated expiditian

Energy Saving Policy

Living to environmental house rules and energy saving
measurements such as light sensors, responsible
printing policy and video-conferencing systems


Miljöcertifierade whiteboardtavlor

Whiteboardtavla PROFESSIONAL

From 1 540.00kr Ex. moms
960.00kr Ex. moms
From 18 900.00kr Ex. moms

Miljöcertifierade whiteboardtavlor

Whiteboardtavla design med rundade hörn

From 2 490.00kr Ex. moms


1 950.00kr Ex. moms



1 980.00kr Ex. moms

Agile planning

Agile & Scrum Toolbox

1 420.00kr Ex. moms
8 680.00kr Ex. moms


Blandade magnetsymboler

From 190.00kr Ex. moms



From 400.00kr Ex. moms
210.00kr Ex. moms

Tillbehör Planeringstavlor

Datumsats 4050 00

260.00kr Ex. moms

Tillbehör Planeringstavlor

Datumsats 4041 00/4042 00/4343 00

300.00kr Ex. moms

Tillbehör Planeringstavlor

Datumsats 4060 00

260.00kr Ex. moms


E-screen eraser

1 400.00kr Ex. moms
From 1 640.00kr Ex. moms
From 4 300.00kr Ex. moms
From 3 500.00kr Ex. moms
From 1 260.00kr Ex. moms
From 1 700.00kr Ex. moms
2 090.00kr Ex. moms
3 900.00kr Ex. moms
2 750.00kr Ex. moms
From 4 400.00kr Ex. moms

Magnetiska etiketthållare


From 120.00kr Ex. moms
130.00kr Ex. moms
110.00kr Ex. moms
110.00kr Ex. moms

Lean Planning

Lean Planning

2 130.00kr Ex. moms
180.00kr Ex. moms
180.00kr Ex. moms
From 110.00kr Ex. moms
From 120.00kr Ex. moms
300.00kr Ex. moms
300.00kr Ex. moms
300.00kr Ex. moms


Magnetband färgat

From 180.00kr Ex. moms
From 48.00kr Ex. moms
From 260.00kr Ex. moms

Magnetiska etiketthållare

Magnetiska etiketthållare

From 500.00kr Ex. moms
170.00kr Ex. moms


Magnetplatta 320×240 mm

From 400.00kr Ex. moms
4 300.00kr Ex. moms



From 400.00kr Ex. moms

Tillbehör Planeringstavlor

Planeringsset 1

1 070.00kr Ex. moms